Why Bobsweep is the best vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that draws in dirt and dust. The first vacuum cleaner device was invented back in 1901 by Hubert Cecil booth which was powered by an internal combustion engine that pulls air through a cloth. Today, a lot of innovation was done on a vacuum cleaner which is evident if you’ve seen a bobsweep.

Bobsweep is a robotic machine that practically does the same thing as a normal vacuum. But you’ll be amazed at how much better this machine’s features are.

Features of a Bobsweep

  • Remote controlled.

If you are a very busy person who has a lot of stuff to do every day, this is a perfect vacuum cleaner for you. This device is smart enough to work on its own without you manually operating it or dragging it all around your house. All you have to do is turn it on and let it wander around on its own while sucking up dirt.

  • UV light

Hidden bacteria or virus on your floor is  one less thing to worry if you use Bobsweep. Did you know that bobsweep has a UV light feature that can disinfect the floor? This is an important thing especially if you have children at home who love to crawl and play on the floor.

  • Programmable

This device has a mind of its own. It stops at places without a physical barrier. When you just want to vacuum a certain place, it is achievable through this cleaner. You can also change the approach of vacuum. Even more, you can program its cleaning schedule. Just set the time when you want it to start working and will operate on its own.

  • Mop feature

Unlike other vacuums which only collects dirt, bobsweep has an additional cleaning procedure which is mopping. All you need to do is attach the mop to the holder and it will sweep, mop and vacuum all at once.