UV light from pethair plus would kill the unseen bacteria

What do you know about the ultra violet rays of the sun which are shortly called as the UV rays? There are many lotions available in the market so as to protect the skin that gets damaged because of the UV radiation. While too much would spoil the skin too less would cause other type of skin problems. It does mean you should get exposed to sun so that any hidden bacteria on the skin would get killed while leaving your skin in a healthy state. While this sounds good, how about the bacteria that might be present in the house. In the present world, it is too hard to find a house that has plenty of ventilation with the sun rays entering the house.

This does mean you should be cautious about the dogs that would stay inside house except for a very short walk that you take them either early in the morning or every late in the evening. So, how about buying the bobsweep pethair device that could emit the UV light from it and thus kill the bacteria that is unseen to the human eye. Yes, we definitely could not see the bacteria, we would only visualize that the floor is clean and thus do not require any special devices. But, you are wrong, you could get the microscope and see if you could find the bacteria moving around on the floor.
You do not have to purchase any microscope, many of you would be using smartphones and you could find a simple app that could let you watch the bacteria on the floor. Once you notice the bacteria, at least then you could place the order for the pet hair and kill the bacteria so as to give a healthy environment for everyone in the family.