Elegant Gems on Facebook: Tells About Jewelry Making As an Art

Jewelry design is an art beyond appreciation and it is made with a balance of styles, colors and shapes. At Elegant Gems on Facebook, jewelry making follows certain factors that contribute towards an exemplary work, these are:

  • .Preference of design constitute the following factors
  • – often intricacies of designs combining fascinating shape are preferred by women while men prefer designs that exudes strength. However there are jewelries that can be used by both sexes.
  • Age factor- Those of the older generations prefers intricacies in the design, while the present generation believes in simplistic approach
  • What are these jewelries: pendant, brooch, earrings, rings, necklace, bracelet, anklet and more
  • Theme and the occasion – is another factor in the design. What is the jewelry for: weddings, birthdays, anniversary or just a manifestation of what the heart feels.
  • Jewelry Size – Mostly jewelries which can be worn by women are smaller and thinner than those made for men. There are certain specifications in the sizes
    • for the rings. 5us to 13us which equivalent to 15.7 to 22.2 mm.
    • For women’s choker, the length is 16 inches, if it is meant to reach the collarbone, then it is 17-18 inches, while a string of pearls is ideally at 30inches.
    • Standard necklace for men is at 18 inches at the base of the neck, For bigger men 20 inches. Standard size men can have a common length of 22 to 24 inches
    • Standard bracelet sizes are 7 ¼, but for slightly bigger women 8 and for men 9 inches
  • Metal used are – gold, silver and platinum. There are also alloy, bras and other metals

Though jewelries can be made of basically any material, the highly considered quality and artistic pieces are normally made out of precious metals. The lesser and less costly are the costume jewelry made mostly from less valuable metallic parts or materials. Learn more about this at Elegant Gems on Facebook.

Gold jewelries are gauge on per karat. This is the proportion of gold in the jewelry. A 24 karat is pure gold but there is no gold at 24-karat jewelry since gold is so pliable to be crafted into jewelry at that purity level. So if someone tells you his ring is a 24 karat gold, you know if it really is true.

What to look for while buying a Back Brace for Posture?

There are a considerable number of people in today’s world who are facing a problem with their back. They all are facing a lot of difficulty in their back, but they are not ready to go through the surgery. Most of them need a solution in which they do not have to go through the surgery and also want to remove the pain.

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How to use Back Brace for Posture?

1.) Firstly make sure that you have found all the best websites that make these products. Before ordering the product makes sure that you have some specific amount of knowledge about them. This will help you to find the right size for your body. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of different sizes available, so you need to find the one that is the best fit for your body.

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3.) Using only the Back Brace for Posture will not be helpful. You need to make sure that you eat the right and the healthy food so that it can work as a helping hand.